Saturday, December 11, 2004

game design statement

My game called ‘realtime avatar’ I was keep on changing my mind with game rules and
Structure but finally make a decision to realtime avatar. This game has simplicity of the rules but has a lot of creativity and artistic element that didn’t bored the players too much. I would say my game is party game. Reason why I choose as party game is because personally I like to party and get to know new people in depth. Sometimes so hard to talk to people because of the ambiance or the noise from the space but my game
Trying to get to know people in different depth to it by drawing and guessing that who draw this piece.
My game I would like at least 2 minimum players and 15 minutes per game.
I roughly give out 5 min or less for the drawing time and 5~10 minutes for the guessing and revealing the real avatar time. Good about my game is it could play everywhere. Unless there are no light or no pen and paper.
Difference of my game is first simple rules and easy to follow up on without the
Manual. Second, sophisticated and get to know other person better with the drawing.
Third, fun to guessing other people’s drawing judging by one’s persona.
Fourth, because it’s fun, fun, fun!!! My game could mod so many different way and I wanted to people mob my game as they pleased. I wish in future, younger kids play this game because drawing is really good method to enhance the creativity. Modern era, even little kids like 5 years old they are so addictive to the violence video game.
The core mechanic of my game are drawing and mathing. I come up with both in a same time. I would like to my players to be really collaborate each other and get to know each other better through out this game, and not too get competitive.
The most ingenious rules that I had devised is bubble speech sticker. I will use this on my final game. Reason why I struggle a lot before with the game design was I want to bring out the cyber space avatar to the realtime avatar use people as a avatar but didn’t really follow my original back story. But with this bubble speech sticker makes more relevant to my original back-story. When you want to communicate other person in online you send instant message. Using the same method instead of slip the guessing paper under the drawing, put bubble speech sticker to the guessing avatar like method of communication that way player could be more into magic circle.
The hardest element from testing game was everytime before testing out seems like work out perfectly but so many problems keeps just popping up and miss-undertanding and mix messages. But game testing getting better and better each time play. I changes little rules and trying to avoid the down time for the player who didn’t draw but that makes way more complicated and I see people get frustrated by the time.
I think world need more social interactive game rather than video game. Video game is really good to play and could also play by one person but, that makes people
Think that no need to make a friend to play with. The video game makes people anti- social and isolate from the social group. I think of well design game is how easy to understand and well structure of the game and everyone could play the game. I like old school game like ‘Tetris’ and ‘bubble bubble’ for the video game and for the board game are ‘monopoly’ and some other Korean traditional games. For me personally, game should be simple and be stress buster. Not really think about too much but social with people and have a good time. For example, I had chance to play everquest for my friend’s request but this game needs manual and had own new and info line among the game players. Got to the point that I was more stress out to trying to figure out that game. I’m not discriminating everquest and everquest fan out there but no hard feeling it wasn’t really for me.
For the game theorist, I was influenced by the magic circle, because magic circle is the really important element to make player stimulated and get into the game. Without this element what’s the point of playing something surreal. Something not real.
I really enjoy taking the game design course because it really expand my horizon of way thinking game and my art work.
As a beginner of the game designer, don’t really had too much to say about advice but if I really had to pick one is be really passionate about your game design, and play testing with other people, take feedback what players saying after the playing game. I’m trying to trying new things and didn’t really falls for the one subject of interest and as lived different countries before so that makes a lot of different aspect and perspective that I see the world and see the object.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

game prototype: sfai balance challenge

1. sfai balance challenge by elliot

2. relay racing

3. different stage of challenge. (intellectual and physical)
has to balance these two challenge to win this game.

4. fun, exciting. challenge, but one thing on ma mind I'm not a skater. suck at skateboard.

5. while two players takin the IQ test , we all make two group and cheer our players and trying to throw suggestion while
they takin the test. and for the physical challege for the skateboard rally we all cheer ^^
at the end take three digit mathmatic question . I think from this part players loose little bit of interested. because
three digit .. hm.. i'm not that mathmatical person and convert right brain to left brain flip a seconds is hard
make it more easier IQ test question or something funny quiz might me cool.

6. most succesful part I think was IQ test . because we all could participate with the players

7.I would say 8 out of 10

8.doesn't have that much of the strategy of this game. pretty straight foward rules. need penalty for the
player who didn't take the math test. but in a same time .. too hard and takes little more time for figure out ..
and right after excitiing skateboardin ppl don't want to calm down.^-^

9.lusory attitute and magic circle were absent. because players did things fastest and easiest way possible.

10. yeah this is good game and more suggesting for this could be more player and easier on math test and
substitute for skateboard to something else just for ppl don't know how to ride skateboard like me heh
could be make check point for the players so they couldn't take any easy way .
instead of math test .. like weakest link game questionaries^^
something more social and interactive on the intellecual challenge part.

realtime of avatar

thanks you for your feed back about my game design.
yeah i was really struggle with game duration and game struction . but thank for u all for participate my game.
i find few problems in my game design.
1. i gotta be serious about time limit and gotta have to get rid of down time for people who doesn't draw
so make two team and make both draw and both guess in same time.

2. rather keep on going with same categories. should creat different categories what player could draw.
my game design based on creat ur own alter-ego character. so create different alter ego sysytems.

3. for the guessing slip needs to be not the the name of the avatar player. also explanation of why this avatar players match with this drawing.

4. gotta have to keep on track with scoring sheet so that know head of the time who's got the most guess. and keep ppl entertain.

5. need to encourage players using reward sysytem. for example of who's the worst avatar charater.. who's the most thinker? or guesser?

by next week I will come up with upgrade version of realtime of avatar.
thank you

Monday, November 15, 2004

feed back for Q

1. giving feed back for Q his game is C-walk plays with cigarette box and game skill

3. core mechanic is tapping and tip it over, and pushing

4. c-walk is about gain cigarette from other players. game rules are simple. take one cigarette from each other's box
and put the cigarette box on the flat surface, and trying flip the cigarette box to other players . this game is reall y
simple rules so that they could began to perform as they were playing.

5. c- walk game is very simple rules and setting but has all this game element to ths game. clear set of win scenario, and players
actions definatly affect the outcome.

c-walk is fun and very interactive game but gotta find some other reward for the ppl who don't smoke.
and more rules to flip the situation. I like it^^

Sunday, November 14, 2004

feed back on wed

jay= his game is dodge tron. ^^ it was fun to playing out door and we all get to be participated.
and ppl throw different mod version to this so .
I think if this game has more rules and structure than .. could play out side forever
like role playing game. so human manipulate robot and could send different message and do something

katie= make ppl smile especially to stranger.
this game is more likely interactive piece. but I got her point that she wanted to make ppl smile without
no rewarding.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

final project #2

av·a·tar ( P ) Pronunciation Key ( v -t? )n.
The incarnation of a Hindu deity, especially Vishnu, in human or animal form.
An embodiment, as of a quality or concept; an archetype: the very avatar of cunning.
A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity: occultism in its present avatar.
Transmitted from digital sensitivity to analog sensitivity

Brief History:
Cyber character such as avatar is trendy among the new generation in Korea. Avatar is a virtual character that an individual can create on the web. On the web. Like MSN messenger, each individual person who has an account with MSN messenger is given an avatar character. Individuals have the ability to modify their outside appearance. In addition, each person can earn cyber money in many different ways. This is then used to modify hairstyles and to buy clothing and accessories. You can even alter facial features by plastic surgery. These procedures can be done within a blink of an eye as long as you have cyber money to purchase the items. Some website even sell avatar characters that have been altered and designed by a designer.

-High percentage of internet users in Korea.
-Ability to alter your avatar image and profile
-A majority of website actually want you to have avatar
-A growing social trend (meeting new people on cyberspace.
-Large variety of avatar appearances to choose from.

Game purpose:
As a game designer, I want people who have interest in participating in this game to take a little tour of the cyber avatar world in an analog way. Each individual box lists instructions on how to fully enjoy all the benefit avatar cyber networking. You could also interacted with other
Who play avatar game. Not directly interact each other but you could see
The flags that other player put around the school area. Flag represented
As a sweet spot. Each every sweet spot for example, I will put my flag on
The second level restroom on second door. Reason why this second door in
Restroom , makes me comfortable, and secure.
Each player write down on the response note that where did they put their
Flag on. Exact location and why. And each player could write on flag, your
ID name and why this spot is your sweet spot.

Response note: by one week passed, each players give back their response note about
Their sweet spot location and alter ego profile and what have they done
With their alter-ego profile. Feed back basically.

Reward: whoever participated with my game, there should be a reward.
Can’t really reveal at this point.

Any questions?

Friday, October 15, 2004

core mechanic

verb :embarass

make game name as embarassing game.
game rule : players could be 5 or 7 people in each group( two group will be perfect)
each player from each group come up to the component or stage and trying to
embarassed each other by verbally not by any physically.
and everytime one player speak and other player would like to remain the game
has to say ofcourse and his speak.
why players has to say ofcouse beginning of every module because players has to
admit the what other player saying

for exemple: player 1: you don't even take shower everyday!
player2: of course, you stinks.
this game keeps going on until other player give up and couldn't take anymore
and it's only goes at least 4 rounds per players. and winner gets to picked the next challenger.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

meaningful play

I would say monopoly is the meaningful play.
because monopoly has descriptive and evaluative elements.
for descriptive on this game is make each players to be more engaged by
buying land , house, and building and other chances to get more rich or get bankrupcy.
this game almost like real life. and it has monopoly game that has similar quality of money.
if you end up buying more lands and properties than other player then you should just
sit back and collect the money when other players tresspassing your land, but what draws more
attention to this game is , has lots of twist with chances and tresspassing other people's land
that they build maximized properties.
that's why when you started looser but there are lots of possiblity of catch up.

subservient chicken(emergent game)

this game makes me wonder.. is this fake chicken already be on taped all the
possiblities reaction ?
anyways this game is quite intersting and same time little bit boring.
because I should put into word to move or see the reaction of fake chicken.
without no comment he just stand there and do nothing.
I tried asking questions like
*dance like crazy
*sit down and watch TV
*turn around and tuch your tail with your wing
*roll over
fixed prgram:if I don't demand, chicken remain same pose
chaotic program: If I asked two things in same time then he just choose randomly without order
periodic program: demand same order then chicken will do the same reaction over and over untill I get to sick of this game
this game designer didn't set too much of the rules to the player what not to do or what to do
so questionary could go wild and weird.
almost seems like I'm the player that set the own game strategies , how to play with chicken.
and another reason why I think this is emergent game is subservient chicken has unpredictable reaction to the certain questionaries. like dance like a dog.

core mechanic

Verb: Embarrass

Make game name as embarrassing game.
Game rule: players could be 5 or 7 people in each group (two group will be perfect)
Each player from each group come up to the component or stage and trying to
Embarrassed each other by verbally not by any physically.
And every time one player speak and other player would like to remain the game
Has to say of course and his speak.
Why players has to say have coursed beginning of every module because players has to
Admit the what other player saying

For example: Player 1: you don't even take shower everyday!
Player2: of course, you stink.
This game keeps going on until other player give up and couldn't take anymore
And it's only goes at least 4 rounds per players. And winner gets to pick the next challenger.