Friday, October 15, 2004

core mechanic

verb :embarass

make game name as embarassing game.
game rule : players could be 5 or 7 people in each group( two group will be perfect)
each player from each group come up to the component or stage and trying to
embarassed each other by verbally not by any physically.
and everytime one player speak and other player would like to remain the game
has to say ofcourse and his speak.
why players has to say ofcouse beginning of every module because players has to
admit the what other player saying

for exemple: player 1: you don't even take shower everyday!
player2: of course, you stinks.
this game keeps going on until other player give up and couldn't take anymore
and it's only goes at least 4 rounds per players. and winner gets to picked the next challenger.


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