Thursday, October 14, 2004

subservient chicken(emergent game)

this game makes me wonder.. is this fake chicken already be on taped all the
possiblities reaction ?
anyways this game is quite intersting and same time little bit boring.
because I should put into word to move or see the reaction of fake chicken.
without no comment he just stand there and do nothing.
I tried asking questions like
*dance like crazy
*sit down and watch TV
*turn around and tuch your tail with your wing
*roll over
fixed prgram:if I don't demand, chicken remain same pose
chaotic program: If I asked two things in same time then he just choose randomly without order
periodic program: demand same order then chicken will do the same reaction over and over untill I get to sick of this game
this game designer didn't set too much of the rules to the player what not to do or what to do
so questionary could go wild and weird.
almost seems like I'm the player that set the own game strategies , how to play with chicken.
and another reason why I think this is emergent game is subservient chicken has unpredictable reaction to the certain questionaries. like dance like a dog.


Blogger Jane said...

"Seems like I'm the player that set the own game strategies , how to play with chicken." Yes! Absolutely. This is, in fact, the very perfect definition of "emergent play"! How you play "emerges" from your interactions with the system (in this case, the chicken). The person who made the system could not predict exactly what you are doing with it, and over time, you are developing your own unique and unexpected interactions. Perfect example of emergence!

November 1, 2004 at 9:50 AM  

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