Monday, November 15, 2004

feed back for Q

1. giving feed back for Q his game is C-walk plays with cigarette box and game skill

3. core mechanic is tapping and tip it over, and pushing

4. c-walk is about gain cigarette from other players. game rules are simple. take one cigarette from each other's box
and put the cigarette box on the flat surface, and trying flip the cigarette box to other players . this game is reall y
simple rules so that they could began to perform as they were playing.

5. c- walk game is very simple rules and setting but has all this game element to ths game. clear set of win scenario, and players
actions definatly affect the outcome.

c-walk is fun and very interactive game but gotta find some other reward for the ppl who don't smoke.
and more rules to flip the situation. I like it^^


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