Wednesday, November 17, 2004

game prototype: sfai balance challenge

1. sfai balance challenge by elliot

2. relay racing

3. different stage of challenge. (intellectual and physical)
has to balance these two challenge to win this game.

4. fun, exciting. challenge, but one thing on ma mind I'm not a skater. suck at skateboard.

5. while two players takin the IQ test , we all make two group and cheer our players and trying to throw suggestion while
they takin the test. and for the physical challege for the skateboard rally we all cheer ^^
at the end take three digit mathmatic question . I think from this part players loose little bit of interested. because
three digit .. hm.. i'm not that mathmatical person and convert right brain to left brain flip a seconds is hard
make it more easier IQ test question or something funny quiz might me cool.

6. most succesful part I think was IQ test . because we all could participate with the players

7.I would say 8 out of 10

8.doesn't have that much of the strategy of this game. pretty straight foward rules. need penalty for the
player who didn't take the math test. but in a same time .. too hard and takes little more time for figure out ..
and right after excitiing skateboardin ppl don't want to calm down.^-^

9.lusory attitute and magic circle were absent. because players did things fastest and easiest way possible.

10. yeah this is good game and more suggesting for this could be more player and easier on math test and
substitute for skateboard to something else just for ppl don't know how to ride skateboard like me heh
could be make check point for the players so they couldn't take any easy way .
instead of math test .. like weakest link game questionaries^^
something more social and interactive on the intellecual challenge part.


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