Wednesday, November 17, 2004

realtime of avatar

thanks you for your feed back about my game design.
yeah i was really struggle with game duration and game struction . but thank for u all for participate my game.
i find few problems in my game design.
1. i gotta be serious about time limit and gotta have to get rid of down time for people who doesn't draw
so make two team and make both draw and both guess in same time.

2. rather keep on going with same categories. should creat different categories what player could draw.
my game design based on creat ur own alter-ego character. so create different alter ego sysytems.

3. for the guessing slip needs to be not the the name of the avatar player. also explanation of why this avatar players match with this drawing.

4. gotta have to keep on track with scoring sheet so that know head of the time who's got the most guess. and keep ppl entertain.

5. need to encourage players using reward sysytem. for example of who's the worst avatar charater.. who's the most thinker? or guesser?

by next week I will come up with upgrade version of realtime of avatar.
thank you


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