Saturday, December 11, 2004

game design statement

My game called ‘realtime avatar’ I was keep on changing my mind with game rules and
Structure but finally make a decision to realtime avatar. This game has simplicity of the rules but has a lot of creativity and artistic element that didn’t bored the players too much. I would say my game is party game. Reason why I choose as party game is because personally I like to party and get to know new people in depth. Sometimes so hard to talk to people because of the ambiance or the noise from the space but my game
Trying to get to know people in different depth to it by drawing and guessing that who draw this piece.
My game I would like at least 2 minimum players and 15 minutes per game.
I roughly give out 5 min or less for the drawing time and 5~10 minutes for the guessing and revealing the real avatar time. Good about my game is it could play everywhere. Unless there are no light or no pen and paper.
Difference of my game is first simple rules and easy to follow up on without the
Manual. Second, sophisticated and get to know other person better with the drawing.
Third, fun to guessing other people’s drawing judging by one’s persona.
Fourth, because it’s fun, fun, fun!!! My game could mod so many different way and I wanted to people mob my game as they pleased. I wish in future, younger kids play this game because drawing is really good method to enhance the creativity. Modern era, even little kids like 5 years old they are so addictive to the violence video game.
The core mechanic of my game are drawing and mathing. I come up with both in a same time. I would like to my players to be really collaborate each other and get to know each other better through out this game, and not too get competitive.
The most ingenious rules that I had devised is bubble speech sticker. I will use this on my final game. Reason why I struggle a lot before with the game design was I want to bring out the cyber space avatar to the realtime avatar use people as a avatar but didn’t really follow my original back story. But with this bubble speech sticker makes more relevant to my original back-story. When you want to communicate other person in online you send instant message. Using the same method instead of slip the guessing paper under the drawing, put bubble speech sticker to the guessing avatar like method of communication that way player could be more into magic circle.
The hardest element from testing game was everytime before testing out seems like work out perfectly but so many problems keeps just popping up and miss-undertanding and mix messages. But game testing getting better and better each time play. I changes little rules and trying to avoid the down time for the player who didn’t draw but that makes way more complicated and I see people get frustrated by the time.
I think world need more social interactive game rather than video game. Video game is really good to play and could also play by one person but, that makes people
Think that no need to make a friend to play with. The video game makes people anti- social and isolate from the social group. I think of well design game is how easy to understand and well structure of the game and everyone could play the game. I like old school game like ‘Tetris’ and ‘bubble bubble’ for the video game and for the board game are ‘monopoly’ and some other Korean traditional games. For me personally, game should be simple and be stress buster. Not really think about too much but social with people and have a good time. For example, I had chance to play everquest for my friend’s request but this game needs manual and had own new and info line among the game players. Got to the point that I was more stress out to trying to figure out that game. I’m not discriminating everquest and everquest fan out there but no hard feeling it wasn’t really for me.
For the game theorist, I was influenced by the magic circle, because magic circle is the really important element to make player stimulated and get into the game. Without this element what’s the point of playing something surreal. Something not real.
I really enjoy taking the game design course because it really expand my horizon of way thinking game and my art work.
As a beginner of the game designer, don’t really had too much to say about advice but if I really had to pick one is be really passionate about your game design, and play testing with other people, take feedback what players saying after the playing game. I’m trying to trying new things and didn’t really falls for the one subject of interest and as lived different countries before so that makes a lot of different aspect and perspective that I see the world and see the object.


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