Sunday, September 26, 2004

exquisite corpses game critique

surrealistic game,
first thing on my mind was " even game has term for surrealistic?"
but soon as I played , ^-^ oh this is surrealistic game huh
me and my friend played 'definitions or question and answer'
result came out so funny.

me:how old are you?
t: none of your business that her butts originally big.

me: when is your birthday?
t: I'm having such a bad hairday

me: where are you going?
t:I hate you soo much that don't even want a spent spare time with you.

me: what do you think about life?
t: my stomach didn't feel right. maybe because of the soy milk that I've drank out on counter.

' The exquisite corpse'
this game is quiet interesting because if we fold into the individual pieces then it makes sense
but if we lay it flat then .. totally picasso kinda pix.
we fold into 4section and I was drawing the cut off hand orange and banana was right next to the hand and my friend was drawing clay pot and other friend draw seafood pho that he ate that lunch time, and my last friend draw the bunch of squares.

without any regulation makes me kinda hacked it very first but interact with friends makes more

Saturday, September 25, 2004


game design,
I like the idea of learn history or analog game and type of games that I haven't really
thought that game has that much categories and variety of game .
all I know about game was monopoly,war game, video games and drinkin games. like titanic( supplies: big beer cup, shot glass, beer and hard liquors
game instruction: pour beer into the beer cup and put shot glass right on to middle make it float
and ppl who drink together all participated, take a turn ppl pour hard liquor little
when shot glass been filled up and shot glass hits the bottom of the beer cup
that person get to drink it all.